The Wedding

The Woes of Getting Married in Singapore

doing it small and trying not to lose my damn mind…

getting married in singapore{i’m almost never without my planner nowadays, planning a wedding is serious business!}

Hi guys, I’ve been AWOL on the blog front (again) but I’ve got a good reason this time, I swear: I’M GETTING MARRRRRRRRIIIIIIEEEED!!

Planning a wedding has been such an emotional turmoil for both Sam and I — but more me really, because Sam is far more collected than I am. I’ve been struggling to justify the absurdly hefty price tags attached to anything with the word ‘wedding’. And because Sam and I want a small intimate affair, we’ve been turned away by countless vendors and venues who simply refuse to do business with us.

In Singapore, especially in Malay custom, it is the norm to invite over 500 guests to the wedding, the average being 1,000 guests — isn’t that just the craziest thing! I went to a wedding fair early last year and no vendor wanted to entertain us after my mom and I said we wanted to cater to just 50 guests. The only vendor who (graciously) gave us his time of the day, quoted us a gargantuan $10,000 just for the venue and food without the decor and bridal services (makeup artist and wedding dress).

The insane costs of a wedding in Singapore astounds me; but what astounds me even more is that a large majority of Singaporeans readily part with upwards of $30,000 for their wedding. Most take up a HUGE loan (with massively inflated interest rates, mind) just to pay for the wedding… That’s $30 Big G’s that could be better spent towards a deposit for a fab home, no?

The point is: a small wedding in Singapore is pretty much foreign, so planning a small intimate affair? Not as easy as one might think! It takes a lot of patience, an exorbitant amount of time trawling forums to pick up money-saving tidbits (of which they’re aplenty, just not nearly enough for a bride with a small guest list!), and even longer sitting around waiting for vendors to reply to your emails — if even at all. I’ve been left wondering if a Kiwi wedding somewhere remote and gorgeous would’ve been a better idea! Que sera sera, onwards we go…

Anyway, the wedding is very very soon — 95 freakin’ days to be exact — (which in Singapore bride land means it’s too late to get anything done — from what I’ve been told anyway) and there are still plenty of super important things that needs to be knocked off my bride to-do list as soon as possible or, to be exact, three months ago:

  1.  Secure venue (we just placed a deposit on a venue yesterday… go team!)
  2. Book photographer: currently shortlisting.
  3. Book makeup artist: currently shortlisting, as well.
  4. Order a custom made-to-measure dress: travelling to Kuala Lumpur on Friday to meet with a designer and get this sorted by the weekend, fingers crossed!
  5. Register for marriage license
  6. Purchase a facial package
  7. Start my wedding diet + workout UGH

There’s tons more that needs to be sorted (too many, in fact) but I’m taking it one day at a time, and praying to the Bridal Gods that Sam and I will somehow pull this off. I’ll be sharing more about my wedding planning process and how I’m trying to keep within budget in the next few posts, so stay tuned (especially if you’re a ‘Champagne on a Beer budget’ sorta Singapore bride as I am)! Xo

The Edit

In the Fray

raw edges, frayed finishes = effortless chic

Skinny Crop from Mango – S$89.90, Frayed Top from ZARA – $55.90, Denim Top from ZARA – $45.90, Denim Culottes from ZARA -$69.90, Skirt with Slit from ZARA – $59.90

Hi guys! I’m slowly – begrudgingly – settling into the Singapore swing of things… Don’t get me wrong, I love Singapore but the hustle and bustle gets me down and wishing I was back in AU/NZ. The good news is that I’m now back within a 30-minute radius of a ZARA store and really, that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

Admittedly I’ve been living under a little fashion rock the past few months but the look I’m most into right now has got to be raw edges and frayed finishes, especially on denim. Think: your most-loved basics updated with a major dose of cool factor. Frayed finishes are definitely the new way to wear effortless chic. At the top of my fraying shopping list is a pair of cropped skinny denims from Mango… so freakin’ cool!

I’m in the fray… are you?


ColourPop Review: First Impressions + Shipping to AU/NZ

finding out what the buzz is all about.

Colourpop Shipping Review NZ

Like everyone else (or so it seems), I really, really, wanted the Kylie Lip Kits… Just not enough to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to nab one before it inevitably sells out. After the fourth release (that sold out in minutes yet again), I knew I had to resort to Kylie Lip Kit dupes and it happily led me to ColourPop! A quick search on google and YouTube resulted in plenty of rave reviews and I was instantly sold.

The biggest reason why ColourPop is so immensely popular is due to its pocket-friendly price tags. Prices range between just US$5 to US$8 for individual products. The stand out products – in my opinion, at least – are the Super Shock Eyeshadows (highly pigmented babies, not your average powder formula) and the Ultra Matte Lip.

Read on to find out all about my first experience with ColourPop: Continue Reading


NYFW Inspiration: Victoria Beckham

her season of innovative re-invention and an über-chic portrayal of her style evolution

Victoria Beckham NYFW Fall/Winter 2016-2017

The focus on Victoria Beckham’s latest collection is clear: re-invention and evolution. Showcasing an über-chic portrayal of her personal style evolution fused with her signature polished finish and easy nonchalance, this might be her most successful showing to date. (in my eyes at least…) This season’s collection saw the classic corset type deconstructed and de-boned, and the timeless slip dress given a modern upgrade by way of voluminous textures. What’s not to love?

I am obsessed… and seriously itching to purchase a pair of pointed brogue flats right now.

p.s: seeing Posh Spice in fresh white sneakers are giving me all sorts of feels 

Images via Vogue FR